What Happened
to Monday


Between 2015 and 2016 I spent about a year creating user interfaces and interactions for the feature film “What Happened to Monday”.

The list was long, and included defining the design and art direction for a suite of tech that spanned a command console, screens, bracelets, tablets and mirrors. Alongside VFX Supervisor Bryan Jones and a talented team of artists, we produced 150 shots.

I’m so grateful for the having had the opportunity to help bring Tommy Wirkola’s vision to the screen. Congrats to the whole production and everyone involved.



A massive amount of terminal windows and various hacking tools needed to be made for the main consoles.  


The mirror needed to convey a degree of sophistication and elegance, yet be bespoke enough to feel like it was designed and arranged just for our hero.


The bio-engineered corn seed molecule strings served an important role in the story. I used a combination of cloners and effectors in C4D to achieve this effect.


Design and Art Direction / Kristoffer Brady

VFX Supervisor / Bryan Jones / Villains Wear Black

Produced with /  Raffaella Productions 


© Copyright / Figure Studio