Remote Terminal // Earthen


The Earthen Mycelial Network Remote Terminal (MNRT) serves as a communication bridge, between the vast Mycelium network that runs across the earth, with the Earthen people.

Bonding with the user’s nervous system, the Mycelium and Hyphae branches, give the Earthen the ability to manipulate organic matter at a cellular level, in order to display, communicate with or create symbols, language and concepts.



The MNRT is normally composed of the communication device that the user wears, the crystal drive that holds and collects the data, and the station that allows for the transfer of the data from the drive to the device.


The MNRT can take many shapes, depending on it’s use. The one pictured here, is in the form of a neck ring. Worn around the user’s neck, the ring holds beaded cores of Mycelium, that serve as storage and transfer of data.


Via the Mycelium network, the data is passed through a Hyphae bridge. The Mycelium then merges with the user’s vocal cords, allowing the user’s speech and vibration patterns to mimic the natural waveforms of natural elements. In this way, the user is able to literally project a vibration vocally, transforming organic matter in order to communicate concepts.


Found deep in Earthen underground cavities, these crystals come in many shapes, colors and forms. The crystals used as data drives are grown from a Mycelium mass, and have an unique bond with the network. Able to store and hold generations of data, they serve as infinite mirrors of information used to distribute further via MRNT’s.


Once data is passed from the drive to the MNRT, the information is stored in the Mycelium cores. It’s then further transferred through a Hyphae bridge.


Though resembling man made carvings, the symbols pictured here are actually formed by the use of the MNRT’s. These symbols are the language of natures own frequencies, and communicate purpose and meaning by changing the cellular composition of organic matter. Thus the symbols can appear in anything from wood and stone, to skin and fluid and so on.


Design and Art Direction / Kristoffer Brady

Client / Parallel Studios


© Copyright / Figure Studio