Remote Terminal // Augencore


Since joining the fantastic team at Parallel Studios, I have been working towards what I like to refer to as a gold standard for all our core ui components. The first iteration of this ongoing series is for the Augencore, a highly augmented and technologically sophisticated faction of the Parallel universe.



One of the earliest sketches I did for Augencore, was a of an input terminal with a spherical keyboard. I really like the idea of the keyboard tilting and rotating, a bit like a rubix cube.


The keyboard is suspended by a magnetic ring, allowing it free movement as well as any configuration that the user wants to display. The keys are inspired by braille, as I imagined the Augencore have merged so closely with machines that their visual language is mostly binary.


When designing, I always try to envision the technology that powers the ui, and the functionality behind the parts that make up the whole. This helps to maintain a stronger sense of believability and keeps the designs grounded.


The terminal itself is connected to a projector array, that can be arranged in a number of ways, depending on what the user needs to display. For example, a linear array works better for streams of data and windows, while a grid works better for a 3d map or a spatial hologram.


Design and Art Direction / Kristoffer Brady

Client / Parallel Studios


© Copyright / Figure Studio